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Developing an aligned internal culture to deliver on your external brand promise is the key to implementing strategy and achieving your vision.  The organisation’s culture is the heart beat of your organisation and leads to higher levels of employee engagement, customer loyalty and performance when you get it right.


3DA  assists organisations to diagnose how well the culture supports your strategy and vision and then facilitates the process of designing and developing the cultural roadmap to align with the organisation’s aspirations. (leadership, capability, systems).


We ensure that your people can clearly translate the visIon into their day to day roles and have the capability, confidence and motivation to deliver on the change initiatives.

  • Alignment of strategy to culture

  • Cultural assessment and corporate transformation tools

  • Culture change development

  • Change management frameworks

  • Team building

  • Building high performing teams



The actions and behaviours of your leaders are one of the most influential components of your culture and will have the most impact on your people.  With the constantly changing landscape, your leaders more than ever need to be equipped to lead their teams to success whilst navigating change.


3DA design and deliver customised leadership development capability development from one off conferences to organisation wide change transformation programs. 


Our approach is based on building accountability through creating self awareness, helping leaders identify the underlying mindsets that drive high performance and developing the capability so they can demonstrate the right behaviours and actions to achieve the desired results. 


We engage leaders in designing their own operating rhythm and accountabilities that are needed for team development and sustained high performance.


  • Team leadership and management

  • Behavioural coaching

  • Leadership assessments

  • Sales and service leadership

  • Leading change

  • Performance management



Building capability requires ongoing coaching, development and reinforcement. People who are supported by a coach will achieve their goals at a higher rate than those that are not. We ensure that coaching is seen as a natural part of the learning process and utilised to motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential.


3DA work with individuals and organisations to build coaching and leadership capability and to provide on the job support to embed coaching and leadership behaviours. We're available to coach anyone who is striving for growth and wants support to reach a new personal best.


We use a range of diagnostic tools to give help people develop greater self awareness and deeper insights into their patterns of behaviour and strategies for dealing with challenges.

  • MBTI

  • DISC

  • EBW – Emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • TTI’s Growth Curve Strategist

  • EQ 2.0


3DA have extensive experience at designing, developing and facilitating customised development workshops and programs as part of large scale transformations or as specific one off training and development needs.


We pride ourselves on getting a thorough understanding of the development objectives, engaging with the people impacted and designing content that is customised, practical and highly engaging.


Our world class facilitation ensures that participants are inspired to take action and that they are proactively supported when they return to the workplace.

  • Customer sales and service

  • Business development

  • Negotiation

  • Presentation skills

  • Assertiveness and confidence in the work place

  • Productivity

  • Train the trainer

  • Facilitation skills

  • Stress management

  • Time management

  • Organisational skills

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Gender equality

  • Emotional intelligence

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